Karen’s Filmography


Love Island,  ITV,  TV Series,  Location Scout, Pre Production
Dive Club, Steve Jaggi Company, TV Series, Netflix, Location Supervisor 
Clifton, BBC  Natural History TV Series, Location Manager – Current


Irreverent, Matchbox, TV Series, Location Manager (Pre Production – Current)
Australia Survivor S6, Endomol Shine, Location Consultant/Scout
Dive Club, Steve Jaggi Company, TV Series, Netflix, Location Supervisor
The Amazing Race Australia – Helium Six Pty Ltd, TV Series, Fixer/Location Producer
Kidnapped, Steve Jaggi Company, Feature Film, Location Scout
This Little Love of Mine, Steve Jaggi Company, Feature Film, Location Manager
The Missing One, Kojo/WE Make (French Production) Amazon Prime, Location Manager/Consultant
Clifton Project, BBC UK, TV Series, Fixer/Location Manager (In Pre-Production)
One Strange Rock, TV Series, Will Smith, Location Producer


One Strange Rock, Nutopia UK, TV Series, Location Producer
Dr Bob’s Australia, ITV Germany/Granada Productions, TV Production, Fixer/Location Manager
Great Northern Beer 2019 Campaign, Revolver, TVC, Location Manager
Total Control, Black Fella Films, TV Series, Location Manager
Location Scouts – Fast and Furious 9, Warner Bros Scout “Kat King (Elvis), Unmanned, Wrinkle in the Skin


Reef Break, Disney/Touchstone Productions, TV Series, Location Manager – Pre Production
Bride and Prejudice, Seven Network, TV Series, Location Scout/Consultation
Honda Japan, Spinnaker Films, Corporate Project, Location Consultant
TVC’s Scout and Consultation – Bonds, Cotton On, Witchery, P&O Cruises, Taubmans Paints
Paramount Pictures – Location Consultation – Untitled Project, Location Presentations


Chasing Monsters, TV Series, Untamed Productions, Location/Scout
Celeste, Feature, Unicorn Productions,  Location Manager
Exaltation, TV Special, US Production, Location Producer
Samsung “Wettest Town in Australia” TVC, Rabbit Content, Location Manager
True Stories, TV Series, Radio Karate, Location Manager Queensland
Fields of Fire Special Event, Cairns Regional Council, Consultant, Location Manager
TVC’s – Scout Work, Nikon Camera, Peter’s Ice-cream, Ford Ranger, Cotton On.
Cafe Japan, Feature, Producer (Development Stage)


Mutiny, TV Series Windfall Films/Channel 4 UK, Location Manager/FNQ Producer
The History of the Torres Strait, TV Series, Bunyip Productions, Location Manager
I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, Granada Productions Pty Ltd, Location Consultant/Scout
Bonds, Stills Shoot, Title Artist Management, Location Consultant and Scout
Discovery Channel, Reality TV Production, Naked Entertainment, Location Manager
Coors Light, TVC, Rapid Films, Locations/Logistics/Art Department


Thor, Marvel Entertainment, Location Consultant (Pre Production)
Wanted – Matchbox Pictures, Queensland Location Manager
The Code 2 ABC Television Series – Queensland Location Manager
I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here – Reality TV, Location Consultant, Granada Productions
My Life – Television Series, ABC Television, Location Scout – North Queensland


Pirates of the Caribbean –  Feature Film, Walt Disney Studios, Location Scout Queensland
Survival Live – Reality TV, BBC Worldwide/Discovery Channel, Queensland, Fixer/Location Manager
GBR – Documentary, Atlantic Productions David Attenborough) Location Consultant


Unbroken, Feature Film, Universal Pictures, Queensland Location Manager
Outback Steakhouse TVC, Walkabout Films, Location Manager
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Feature Film, Walt Disney Studios, Location Manager Queensland
(liaison with government agencies, permit negotiations). Project did not progress.


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Feature Film, Walt Disney Studios, Location Scout Queensland
Coca Cola,  Corporate Doco, Ten Eighty Productions Hong Kong,  Australian Producer


No Kitchen Required  TV Series, Notional LLC – Location Manager – Australia
MABO – The Eddie Mabo Story ABC Tele-movie, Black Fella Films, Location Manager
The Straits 10 Part TV series, Matchbox Pictures, Location Manager


The Eye of the Storm, Feature, TEOS Productions Pty Ltd, FNQ Location Scout
Tourism Australian, TVC, Prodigy Films, Australia, FNQ Location Manager
Jetstar Japan, TVC, Flinders Lane Productions, Location Manager
Valspar Agenda Films, TVC, Location Manager


Euro Millions TVC, Curious Films NZ , Location Manager
QantasTVC, Plush Films Pty Ltd, Location Manager
Beneath Hill 60 Feature, The Silence Productions P/L, Location Manager
Real World Reality TV Series, MTV USA, Location Manager/Scout


Point Break II Feature Film Pre Production (Bali, Indonesia) Location Manager
Willi and The Wonders of the World Feature Megaherz. Location Manager
Djunglechild Feature/Doco, Teamworx  Location Scout
Scorpion Island TV Series, BBC London/ABC Australia, Location Consultant Manager
The Pacific US TV Series,  HBO, FNQ Location Manager


The Pacific US TV Series HBO, FNQ Location Manager
Nim’s Island Feature, Location Scout and Consultant (Un-credited)
Get Me Out of Here – I’m a Celebrity IAC7 , Reality TV Granada UK, Location Manager


Get Me Out of Here – I’m a Celebrity” IAC6  Realty TV Granada UK, Location Manager
Fool’s Gold Feature, Warner Brothers, Location Manager
Sea Patrol – TV Series, McElroy All Media Pty Ltd – Location Consultant


Get Me Out of Here – I’m a Celebrity IAC5 Realty TV, Granada UK, Location Manager
Opposite of Lucky TV Series, Darlow Smithson Productions Pty Ltd  – UK Location Manager
XXXX Gold TVC Aht Productions, Location Manager


Scouts:  Swiss Family Robinson (Disney); Baz Luhrman’s ‘Australia’ (Bazmark Productions)
Rogue (Australian Production), Celebrity Love Island (Australia)  (Granada)


Troppo – Big Reef Telemovie, Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier, Location Manager
Panadol – Bullrider TVC Plush Films, Location Manager
Remote Area Nurse – RAN TV Series, Chapman Films, Torres Straits Location Scout
Adventure of a Lifetime – Outback Jack Reality TV, Nash Entertainment, WA, Location Manager
Get Me Out of Here – I’m a Celebrity Realty TV, Granada UK, Location Manager (Germany/UK)


Get Me Out Of Here – I’m a Celebrity Reality TV, Granada UK, Location Manager (UK/USA)
Camp Molloy Realty Adventure TV (Strix Productions – Sweden) Location Manager/Co Producer
Biggles Feature, Pinewood Studios, Location Scout
TVC’s: Queensland Rail, Woolworths Superstores, Gecko Resort,  Expedia.com,
Scouts: ‘The Last Buffalo Hunt’ – Intermedia; ’Stealth’ – Columbia Pictures; ’Troppo’ – Simpson Le Mesuier


Get Me Out Of Here – I’m a Celebrity Reality TV, Granada UK, Location Manager
The Great Raid Feature, US/Australian Feature, FNQ Location Manager
Peter Pan US Feature, New Zealand Location Scout
TVC’s – Victoria Bitter, Coolaid, Johnnie Walker, Silverscreen, Film Graphics.


Paradise Found French/Australian Feature Film, Location Manager (FNQ)
The Wilde Girls US TV Movie Location Manager


Survivor II – The Australian Outback, US Reality TV Series, Location Manager
Hook Wine & Sinker Fare  One Day Event, 8,000 People, Event Manager
South Pacific Musical Tele-movie, Location Manager


Amazon TV Series Canadian, Location Manager
Hook Wine & Sinker Fare One Day Event, 6,000 People, Event Manager
Pantene TVC Newman Films Pty Ltd, Location Manager
The Lost World TV Series Coote/Hayes Production Services Pty Ltd, Location Manager
Journey to the Centre of the Earth TV Series (George Miller) NZ Location Scout


Tribe TV Series Crawford Productions Pty Ltd, Location Manager
TVC’s: Myer Stores Cranbrook Films Limited Summer Campaign, Location Manager;
Country Road – Melbourne, Catalogue Shoot Location Manager


Discovery Channel Eco Challenge Special Event, 5 Hour Documentary, MPH Entertainment)
(FNQ Region) Location/Logistics Manager
The Thin Red Line Drama Feature, Phoenix Pictures, Location Scout
Neri – Ocean Girl IV TV Series, Jonathan Shiff Developments, Location Manager


Paradise Road Feature Drama Film, VRP Production Services P/L, FNQ Location Manager
The Phantom Feature , VRP Productions Services P/L, FNQ Asst Location Manager (2nd Unit)


The Island of Dr Moreau Feature Film, Newline Cinema, Location Scout
Sweet Uncle Harry and The Monster MUVI Productions (Switzerland), Location Manager
Neri – The Ocean Girl TV Series, Westbridge Productions P/L, Location Manager
To Have and To Hold Feature, Small Man Productions Pty Ltd,  Location Manager
1994 Rescue Feature (Pre-Production) London Weekend TV UK, Location Manager
XXXX TVC Window Productions, Sydney, Location Manager
Neri – The Ocean Girl TV Series (Port Douglas), Location Manager
All Men Are Liars Feature (Queensland), Location Manager/Scout


No Escape – Feature (Queensland), Production Assistant


Pacific Film  & TV Commission (Brisbane) – Location Scouting

“Captain Blood” (Feature) , “The Phantom” (Feature)
“Robinson Crusoe” (Feature) , “Walt Disney/Touchstone – Location Recce
“6 Days/7 Nights (Feature), “Blackbeard” (Feature)
“Creature from the Black Lagoon” (Feature), “White Shark” (Feature)
“Mighty Joe Young” (Feature), “White Shark” (Feature)


Sniper Feature – PA to Executive Producer (Mark Johnston)


“Mission Impossible” “Dolphin Cove” TV Series (Paramount Pictures), Location Coordinator